Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A Crazy Sustainable Solution

There two major issues facing many Americans today; homelessness and nutritional food.

The typical response to seeing a homeless person is one of judgement and disgust.

"Why don't they just get a job?!"
"There is Community Action, why aren't they utilizing programs aimed to help the community?"
"If they are a homeless veteran the government should be taking care of them."

I have been homeless 10 times since my ex-husband left me when I was 11 weeks pregnant. I understand first hand what it is like to be afraid of being on the street. My reason for having such a rocky road has been a lack of savings, health issues, job loss, and bad landlords.

Having experienced life in shelters and motels, I can tell  you that every program that I have been in has been a temporary solution. I had to start working to be able to afford to pay rent to have a home. Even transitional housing programs are temporary. Free rent is something that is unheard of...until now.

An Unconventional Housing Solution

The tiny home movement has been gaining momentum. Unfortunately there is a barrier that prevents the housing to be free. The tiny home communities/villages that have sprung up still require inhabitants to pay rent. And purchasing your own tiny home will cost around $35,000.

I was inspired to design a few tiny home models based on an article about pallet homes. A website called http://www.jetsongreen.com/ with a video about building pallet houses.

A pallet is 48 inches by 40 inches and about 6 inches wide. There is room for plumbing hoses, wiring, and soy foam for insulation.
One of the pallet homes that I designed has a wrap around porch. The interior measures 6 by 6 pallets, or 364 x 364 feet for a total of 564 square feet. Since one side of the home will have 40 inch pallets 2 inch wooden boards will be added between the pallets to fill in gaps.


This is a basic rendering of the first floor. The living room area can hold 2 shiatsu mats/beds, after the papasan chairs are moved. 
I propose having wooden trunk-like boxes for shiatsu mats that are 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, or 5 feet by 6.6 feet. They are perfectly accommodating for tall people, or parents that co-sleep with their children.

This is a basic rendering of the top floor. Imagine sliding doors for the rooms.

For bathing I designed a bathhouse, again with sliding doors.

Building a prototype will be necessary of course. Once assembly has been mastered, those that are able of the homeless population can help build additional eco-cabins.

Sustainable Nutritional Food

It all comes down to well planned gardens. This design is 10 pallets by 16 pallets. The blacked in areas are garden beds. This design is a total of 768 square feet, and that doesn't take into account any hanging items.

Utilizing clever methods, like using products that nutrify the soil such as HUMAX, planning companion gardening, introducing night crawlers, and other natural measures. 

Netting for protection from deer, elk and birds would be necessary. A pallet fence with gates would be a safe and clever way to keep children and the developmentally disabled from wandering into the garden. Of course a tool shed will be in order.

There are 84 cabins and 41 bath houses. The lodge can act as emergency shelter with hanging canvas dividers, that can be hung up.
There is space for 48 individual sleeping areas with shelving for personal items. A male and female restroom has been designed, with consideration of editing the model for a family restroom.
The outer porch area of the lodge allows for pop up tents and sleeping bags for the months with nicer weather.

Elon Musk has just recently shared that he will be selling solar roof tiles http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/tesla-to-begin-selling-solar-roof-tiles/ar-BBAYTAn?ocid=spartanntp

Brass Tacks

Land that is zoned for residential construction will have to be donated or purchased.
At least one well will have to be drilled.
Sewage tanks will have to be installed.
Small water heaters for the cabins will have to be purchased.
Copper piping
Electrical wiring
Soy foam insulation
Power tools
Rain water collection bins
Black landscaping tarp
Water sealant

Connect with me  via email to inquire about how to contribute     --->

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