Saturday, August 13, 2016

Mold and Me

I recently had a run about with mold poisoning and have been encouraged to share my experience. I am rather embarrassed at the thoughts that I ended up verbalizing.

As someone who has never experimented with hallucinogens before, I was unfamiliar with a "trippy" experience. 

The only thing out of the ordinary was that I was vomiting and had loose bowels every day for a week. Everything I ate was coming back up. I was believing some very strange things and even thought I was invisible at one point. I was scared and sad. I had strange thoughts and was what has clinically been called manic due to the contact with the excitotoxins that were running rampant in my brain.

I was waking up and having the mental capacity of a 6 year old. I would have to age myself back up to 33 and recall who I was. I was having thoughts of my son never coming back to me and that he was better off without me. My antidepressant was not effective alone, neither was my PTSD med. I was even drinking apple cider, which helped with the breathing challenges that are usually associated with mold poisoning.
Mold poisoning is very scary. I had a moment at the site of the infestation when I was falling asleep and was having trouble breathing. I used my rescue inhaler. 

I was hospitalized and it took over 6 weeks for my mind to right itself and the excitotoxins to be eliminated. I had a good regimen of meds and rest finally at the second hospital that I was at. 

I had become so used to the smell of mold from the plumbing that I didn't notice it. The ceiling of my space I was staying in had the moulding separating from the wall.

I emerged from a nightmare in a safe space and I am on meds still. Please, if you smell mold, try to leave the environment. I had to leave in an ambulance.