Thursday, February 18, 2016

Renegade Economic Development

If I could learn, within a few chapters of reading The Field by Lynne McTaghart, that Albert Einstein's equations could be expanded upon and gravity is a force that's a result of sub-atomic particle electromagnetic inertial drag...then you can learn a new way to receive monetary compensation, and resource yourself for sharing your knowledge with other people.

In my last post I committed to sharing a working currency income model, any potential "bitcoin" similar models, and that will also be able to function absent of currency.


Currency has only existed since Rome, and we have recorded history that there have been many flourishing civilizations that survived on resource exchange, or the trade goods system. And our methods of transport are safer and quicker, and we have much more advanced communication systems.

Wealth and poverty are 2 sides of the same coin. For one to be on top, the other must be below. I have been repulsed by this standard of our global economy since I was old enough to understand it.

Developing chronic illness has taught me the value of my energy.
Does only being able to work 4 hours a day at giving something my full energetic capacity, make me less of a person?


According to successful authors, life coaches, and even social science enthusiasts, a 4 hour work day is what our technologically advanced society was capable of in the 1980's.

How about when rent is twice what a single part-time income will pay for, and I have a child who needs their own room?
In other countries parents have more maternity leave, paternity leave, and more assistance when re-entering the work force.
(Don't get me started on family support.)

The Solution To An Unbalanced Equation

Time = money
= Broke
Childless, homeless, and friendless.
Literally, the only asset I have had to share with others has been my knowledge.

I have received input that my experience, and the applicable information I have shared, are appreciated. I had to reread the text messages with the affirmations.



Sick, single, childless, jobless, vehicle-less, homeless, college drop out, blacksheep of families, and no parents to rely on-that, Me?!

Abandoned, socially neglected, anxious, depressed mentally ill, divorced, abused, in debt penniless, Me?!

How could I possibly be valuable, independent of any one career field, educational certification, licensure, or the ability to maintain long-term relationships!?

I struggle with believing that I deserve anything good, and my logical ego would remind me of how I had never been able to create a "stable" life, so "seeking my fortune" through force of willpower and personality was never going to resonate with my purpose during this lifetime.

In order for me to allow myself to receive any benefits from my efforts, they had to be a byproduct of a much larger construct.

I literally boxed up my thoughts regarding all of the other stuff in my life that I could not control, and focused on creating something new. I had to take my individual needs out of the equation, and focus on the needs of many.
I plotted backwards from needs of the vulnerable of society that are not being met, and the solution began to materialize in bits and pieces.
Due to my limitations, I had quite a few factors that I had to include in my self-abnegnating formula...

Our Economic Structure Is A Sick Joke

1.) Rent is stupid.
Mortgages are one of the biggest reason for employment. House values are over 100 times the price of the value of the actual building materials.
People are building non-tiny homes for $15,000...
Trailer parks are not awesome, it's like the condominium lie...
Condominiums are can't actually own part of a building, those are called apartments, duh.
>What humanity needs more than anything is free housing.
"Affordable housing" means different things to different people, but one thing for all, a significant amount of currency, every month of your life until you die.

Why do I have to pay to exist on a planet that I was born on?!
Oh yeah, the government raised land taxes and people had to move to the city back during the Great Depression. But, hey they have supermarkets in cities.

2.) Being hungry sucks.
Food should be free, it grows out of the ground.

3.) Paying for water sucks.
It falls out of the's in saltwater, and streams. Purification is not a complex, expensive thing, and you won't even miss the neurotoxin, chlorine and fluoride flavors.

4.) Water treatment is possible organically, that means without harsh chemicals.
Hydroponics anyone?
Sewage enzymes...
Potable versus non-potable water usage is how it was done before lead poisoned water in Rome.
That's not a suburb of Flint, Michigan, it's in Italy. Do some research on how the Romans were poisoned by their own drinking pipes. They just pled ignorance.

5.) Education on how to be an actual  positive and healthy individual, and how to LIFE, should not be offered only to people court ordered to take classes.
Can we please raise children who do not
have to recover from their childhood?!
>Positive, assertive thinking skills are available through Dialectal Behavioral Therapy groups.
>Nutrition; vegetarian based, cruelty free, and urban gardening classes are just not in every county, or town.
>Parenting classes:
How can you parent another person when you don't know how to self-parent in a responsible, balanced manner?!
Only 1% of parents actually participate in childhood development education.
My solution is 2 fold.

1.) Provide self-sustaining eco-villages that offer free housing, food and education, the Ubuntu way.
2.) Create an organization that meets the monetary needs of those who want to work for others, with others, but as their own self manager.

How You Gonna Make That Money Amy?

Like a Gypsy.

Think about the amazing "Gypsy" caravans that would visit villages before there were automobiles, roads and malls.
When a string of brightly colored wagons would roll into a European village/town, people would gather excitedly to see what treasures were being brought from all over the continent. Many goods for many different types of people.
There was once many nations of indigenous people, over 100,000,000 indigenous people in many different nations that shared the north American continent, in the land which we now live, called the United States of America. These nations would come together and trade, even the ponies they rode on would be let free to roam the local plains until they were needed.
So much abundance in the natural ecosystem, that that the U.S. Army had to slaughter billions of buffalo to starve the natives.
(This happened just over 100 years ago. Watch "Dances With Wolves".)

I want to give people multiple options that provide the most good. That means services that meet actual needs that are ignored, and products that cause no harm in their engineering, or compounds.
100% accountability for only what is environmentally safe, animal safe, and people safe.
Please understand that my grassroots organization structure, and business model are unorthodox. 
There is a reason we like unique websites, pages, and accounts online & in social media. We can take our ideas and positively change our world, our solar system, and maybe even our galaxy.
We will not always be chained to this little blue beauty of a world, you can plan for that.

What's A Self-sustaining Eco-village Gonna Look Like, Amy?

The largest plan fits comfortably within 8 acres, and that includes an acre for parking, and a walking/running track. Additional acreage for farming is possible.
Both dry ground and swamp foundations have been planned for.

A dwelling is a 200 square foot tiny-home.
Materials vary between reclaimed items, hemp products, energy efficient products, etc;
10 gardens, orchard, and vineyard-all hydroponic-like, are ambitiously planned.
An emergency housing lodge that can shelter over 200 people in cold weather, and more in attached pop-out tents space, is planned. Showers, indoor & outdoor toilet facilities, storage and more, are designed.
Several buildings supporting education are planned. A library & media center, animal center, trade shops, restaurant, bakery, and more have been planned...

Self-sustaining eco-villages, built on an old principle, and new technology.

See my article A Crazy Sustainable Solution