Saturday, August 13, 2016

Mold and Me

I recently had a run about with mold poisoning and have been encouraged to share my experience. I am rather embarrassed at the thoughts that I ended up verbalizing.

As someone who has never experimented with hallucinogens before, I was unfamiliar with a "trippy" experience. 

The only thing out of the ordinary was that I was vomiting and had loose bowels every day for a week. Everything I ate was coming back up. I was believing some very strange things and even thought I was invisible at one point. I was scared and sad. I had strange thoughts and was what has clinically been called manic due to the contact with the excitotoxins that were running rampant in my brain.

I was waking up and having the mental capacity of a 6 year old. I would have to age myself back up to 33 and recall who I was. I was having thoughts of my son never coming back to me and that he was better off without me. My antidepressant was not effective alone, neither was my PTSD med. I was even drinking apple cider, which helped with the breathing challenges that are usually associated with mold poisoning.
Mold poisoning is very scary. I had a moment at the site of the infestation when I was falling asleep and was having trouble breathing. I used my rescue inhaler. 

I was hospitalized and it took over 6 weeks for my mind to right itself and the excitotoxins to be eliminated. I had a good regimen of meds and rest finally at the second hospital that I was at. 

I had become so used to the smell of mold from the plumbing that I didn't notice it. The ceiling of my space I was staying in had the moulding separating from the wall.

I emerged from a nightmare in a safe space and I am on meds still. Please, if you smell mold, try to leave the environment. I had to leave in an ambulance.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Alternative Energy Demand

It has been rainy of late, and one day last week I was doing my best to deal with being stir crazy from being stuck indoors, by writing on my laptop…until the power went off. 

I was irritated to say the least, as there is no wood/pellet stove here. I got my mechanical pencil and a notebook and began to express my frustration in a constructive manner.

“Why are there not wind turbines in one of THE MOST windy regions that I have ever lived in?! With wind and daylight, tell me why we are still dependent on dams and coal plants? They are not a sustainable solution. We are 16 fricken years past the stinking millennium, yet clean energy methods that have been discovered, and known to work since before I was born are only implemented in a few places in different states! Energy deregulation as a nation is the most apparent solution. So what is keeping us latched onto the teat of coal and dam generated energy? Look at your power bill.”

Thankfully the power was out less than an hour this time. Wednesday evening the power went off and it did not get restored until 4:50pm the next day. I live in a small community of 850 people that is attached to a bit larger community in northwestern Oregon. I was reminded of the horrific storm that pitched this entire area into a power outage that lasted a ridiculously long amount of time. But do you see small wind turbines or solar panels on buildings? Nope. It is like the people forgot what happened nine years ago. I am in is Clatsop County, and wow, is there ever room for improvement here.

I can certainly identify with the frustration that many people experience, and apparently have forgotten about, of the great fuel shortage of the 1970’s. Through my search for understanding how energy works, from the macrocosmic to the microcosmic, I borrowed a book called The Field, by investigative journalist Lynne McTaggart. In the first part of the documented journey to discovering the Zero Point Energy Field/aka ZPF, or as our society calls it, “the Force” Lynne identifies what prompted the search for alternative energy. Mind you, physicists had been negating the existence of a living energy field with which all life is linked, and what the humble Albert Einstein called “spooky action at a distance”.

Like everyone else, Bill Church (of Church’s Chicken chains) abhorred the inconvenience of our dependence on foreign oil, and the lack of foresight that big oil companies had in not tapping our natural resources, but he was the only person who got sick enough of the situation to take action in the effort to discover alternate energy methods. And we are just talking about alternative vehicular energy methods.
Bill Church was a key player in funding the research that enabled Hal Puthoff and his contemporaries to discover alternative energy methods. Puthoff birthed ZPF devices that have been patented and played with by the likes of Boeing and Lockheed Martin. 

Church was just your average businessman, trying to make it to work at the then obscure Church’s Chicken restaurant that his family ran in Texas, when he ran out of gas. In the 1970’s gas rationing was done by a simple, yet really defeating process; people with license plates that ended in even numbers were allowed to fill up on fuel 3 days of the week, and alternately odd number plates on the other 3 days of the week. You had better hope that you had 2 vehicles with an even and an odd plate on either. Church only had one vehicle and the tank was empty, he had to wait until the next approved day for his plate number in order to be able to go to work.

I was born in 1982, so until recently I had no idea that this had ever happened until I read the 2008 printing of Lynne McTaggart’s painstakingly accurate book. I have been so impressed by her tenacity and dedication that I followed her on Instagram. But Instagram does not like certain hashtags like #thefield and many others that are not mainstream, or are anarchitypical in their opposition of our current governmental oligarchy, and consequential monopolized energy regulating entities.

You see, if I had not had a passion for seeking out knowledge to understand how energy works, all the way down to discovering that particles wink in and out of existence due to the energy exchange with the ZPF, I would never have learned about the details of the fuel shortage of the 1970’s.

I rarely watch television anymore, but I can tell you that the news media, and social media have not, and are not talking about this. Why not? As a society we are distracted by the Political Porn of the media spun presidential campaigning of our next figurehead. We are distracted by sports, gaming, TV programs, politics, religion, and even our jobs.

“We gotta make America great again!”

Here’s the truth, we are not a great country. A great country takes care of their people over desire for profit by the governing powers. We are millions of people in our own little worlds, reactionary at best to daily inconveniences. There is no great unity here. We are not a nation of united states, if we were truly a unity focused country, then the states surrounding Michigan would be using the water processing machines that the creator of 5 Hour Energy has in his think tank.

We cannot even get approval to have abandoned buildings in cities repurposed in a timely manner, during winter, to house the homeless without political processes that take time; inspection, purchasing(?) renovation, and staff to open the doors of an approved habitable facility. It would literally be quicker to purchase swamp land and build an agricultural education facility with community support in mind.

You can watch the commercial for what he is doing on, it’s not like it is a secret. But do we have any water processing relief for Flint? No.

The only way for us to be able to chart a new course for our future as a species, is to learn from our past, embrace the solution, and the work necessary to get there. 

While energy regulation may have been necessary for operations 50+ years ago, it is hampering our adaption to the needs of our environment, our home planet. 

The only solution that I see is the global deregulation of energy, and the dismantling of outdated carbon emitting power plants, such as what we sold China…without the air scrubbers.  

Why would any American company ever sell coal power plant mechanisms to another country, with a denser population, and not include the air filters?

You see, I have had the amazing blessing of meeting many amazing people who are volunteer drivers for Clatsop County. My son was in foster care in the Portland area and I had to rely on a ride for the 2 hour trip to Hillsboro DHS. 

One gentleman shared some phenomenal information with me about his experiences with trying to get LED lights installed to replace the energy gobbling fluorescent bulbs that we have. When you start to research the details of why we have toxin emitting fluorescent light bulbs at all, you may get as upset as I did. Tons of red tape, bills passed and laws made, tie up the legal ability to actually have any other lights than fluorescent on the commercial implementation to even make such a change possible.

Oh, by the way, on your lightbulb box it says to dispose of the used lightbulb properly…which is actually to take your bulbs to the fire department. Those folks have fire science degrees. 

But do you think that they send out flyers to tell you this? No. You are not told at the hardware store, or supermarket that you need to take your used bulbs to your local fire department. Talk about crazy, huh?

So…why would our government, with full documentation of the gasses that are emitted from long tubular fluorescent bulbs and the GE energy saving bulbs, have laws in place to prevent their replacement with a harmless and cheaper method of lighting?

Why would anyone use lead based pipes?!

Why would anyone divert toxic, unprocessed/unfiltered river water into a city’s water system?

The informative and passionate gentleman attempted to lead a crusade for the replacement of fluorescent lights to LED lights manufactured and installed in every major grocery chain in America. He explained his incredible frustration that LED/Light Emitting Diode lights are less expensive to manufacture, use way less energy, and do not emit toxic mercury gas like your “new energy saving light bulbs by GE”… Yes, fluorescent bulbs and your twisted glass “Energy Efficient” lightbulbs are poisonous. If you take a device that measures the particles of mercury in the air around a fluorescent lightbulb in your lamps, you would be horrified to learn that you’re poisoning yourself and your home.

But, we were told that the old lightbulbs were inefficient energy wise. Yeah. Let me give you some history on the lightbulb, one of the single most costly inventions of the 20th century. I recommend that you look up Nikola Tesla, the first man to comprehend how energy, vibration, and frequency relate. Tesla’s patented “Tesla coil” has been successfully integrated into an automotive motor, thanks to Elon Musk. 

Tesla’s equations proved that there is plenty of electricity/power around us in the environment, and that his “copper coils” could give people free energy. This was his passion and his dream. When Tesla brought his papers to the Powers that could fund his inventions, he was mocked, discredited, and then had all of his work confiscated.

Thomas Edison, known as the father of the lightbulb, was tasked with creating a method to harness electricity for light…so that people could be charged for using power. If people had readily available light, they could work during the evening and thus be taxed more. The concept of the lightbulb is to create a closed circuit through connecting opposing energy polarities can be grounded. Rather than using methods of frequency manipulation to produce free light and harness the energy around us in the air, we have been slaves to the electric companies for over 100 years.

I say that we are slaves because we have passively allowed ourselves to have a portion of our hard earned income that we earn every month for our adult working lives, taken from us, for a commodity that really ought to be free…just like water purification.

So, how do we enact serious, personally impacting change?

Remember Mary Kay, Avon, even Aflac?

These companies all started with the concept of direct sales and the ability to have multi-level monetary compensation for growing their customer base. 

We have since seen commercials of these companies.

Did you know that Aflac has independent affiliates? 
Yep, I met one and even got to interview for an insurance sales position (before getting my insurance license years later). The office was ran by an independent sales manager, and the income is all commission. 
Local marketing, outreach, follow up, and customer relationships are the responsibility of the Aflac agent. Commercials help, but you still have to get your foot in the door to local businesses, be a part of the local business association, recruit, present, and work your tail off.

What can be done, Amy?!

What if we were able to bypass the red tape through direct contact and provisioning?

I am talking about what I saw an alternative solar panel direct sales company almost succeed at doing, which is to take it to the people. There are so many different science shows that exhibit new technology, and on social media platforms. There are new solar power capture methods that utilize such techniques as seen in the film The Host. The solar energy capture method is circular, making the capture of more sunlight possible as the receiver crystals follow the path of the sun through the sky. Yes, we have people working at technical universities who have the answers, but not the funding.

Who would not want to fund a sustainable method for mass disbursement of solar capturing? 

How do we fund a sustainability focused affiliate marketing company?

There are certain pillars that are needed to be able to launch a successful start-up. The most important being to COMMUNICATE!!!

1.)    Exposure
a.      Share this blog post on every social media platform that you can, because the more attention that is brought to this start-up, the more of an advantage we have to get support, funding, and willing people to work with us.
    2.)    Be bold and talk to me!
a.      Bill Nye the Science Guy says, “Everyone you meet knows something that you don’t.” So, please do not be shy.                                    
b.      Connect with me via I am only one person, just overcoming health challenges (See blog about western med) We grow as individuals through feedback.
    3.)    Read...
              my blog here, the posts about eco-sustainability.
    4.)    Talk about it
a.      Reddit is a great example of this, as is tumblr.
b.      You never know who may share your passion for change, economic achievement, and love for our beautiful planet, Gaia. I talk to strangers all the time…and I did not have a card. I am finally at the point where I can pass out a business card.
    5.)    Join me

Would you leave your $100,000 mortgaged home, the taxes, homeowner’s insurance, Home Owner’s Association dues, and your dependence on an uncertain economy, to live a life of actual purpose?

a.      If you have a camper, or truck and trailer, you are welcome to join me here in the Pacific Northwest.
b.      Take time to meet with me if you are local.
c.      If you are in the North Coast area (Knappa to Seaside), have Wi-Fi, desire to change the world, and are willing to have meetings/work together in your home, please contact me about your availability and schedule.
    6.)    Donate
a.      Vehicles are absolutely necessary in efficient travel and I can give you a receipt for a charitable contribution, which you can use for your taxes. Please email about our specific needs.
b.      Space/building to operate.
c.      Server usage for the website, CRM, etc;
d.      Whatever you feel led to share, please email me though, to see if your gifted item is helpful currently, as it may have to wait.
e.      Money. If you cannot come to Oregon to work with me, then please give financially. No amount is too small, or too big. Please contact me via email(above) to give through PayPal, Western Union, wire transfer, or where to mail cash, check, or money order.
While I myself am not an engineer, mathematician, electrician, or scientist, I have a HUGE imagination, a phenomenal personality based on compassion, and a freakishly awesome memory. I also have an innate ability to foster relationships. I am a great spokesperson and creative strategist. I don’t know everything, but I do know the value of insight, input, and feedback from people, and hopefully from you.
We need immediate answers as well as action, and I am not talking about selling emergency fuel-powered generators. If Off Grid: Life On The Mesa is a successful endeavor, how much more could we do with more people, technology, and cooperation?!

Imagine living without a power bill, water bill, gas bill, sewage, and a smaller grocery bill. In self-sustainable thriving eco-system, or STEV, we have designed the perfect sustainable human habitat, based on green ecology-minded technology and science. It is very exciting to be able to share more concrete information about the mission of my organization. As we pull closer to our public launch date, the phases of the start-up are very exciting.

Renegade Eco Business Services is the name of my organization. We aim to provide ecologically responsible methods of generating income while improving the quality of life of our people; both the partner and the customer. 

I have been working on the website for my organization as my schedule allows. The intentions of the functions of the organization are becoming clearer, as we are able to off further assistance to our partners and members.

The rising level of awareness of humanitarian indignities has birthed new ideas for water treatment, thanks to the televised crisis of the residents of Flint, Michigan. Peru has lead mines that poison everything and the communities around them. What if we could put a self-sustainable eco-village outside of the range of lead contamination? That is just one practical use for what I am calling STEVs- Self-sustainable Thriving Eco Villages.

There has been an unmet demand for over 80 years, and there still is a demand for alternative energy methods. There is also a demand for affordable housing. And finally, there is a huge wave of people wanting to explore not only the more remote locations of our world, but what lies beyond our atmosphere, and our galaxy. 

Models will be uploaded soon to my website. To contact me, please email --->

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Renegade Economic Development

If I could learn, within a few chapters of reading The Field by Lynne McTaghart, that Albert Einstein's equations could be expanded upon and gravity is a force that's a result of sub-atomic particle electromagnetic inertial drag...then you can learn a new way to receive monetary compensation, and resource yourself for sharing your knowledge with other people.

In my last post I committed to sharing a working currency income model, any potential "bitcoin" similar models, and that will also be able to function absent of currency.


Currency has only existed since Rome, and we have recorded history that there have been many flourishing civilizations that survived on resource exchange, or the trade goods system. And our methods of transport are safer and quicker, and we have much more advanced communication systems.

Wealth and poverty are 2 sides of the same coin. For one to be on top, the other must be below. I have been repulsed by this standard of our global economy since I was old enough to understand it.

Developing chronic illness has taught me the value of my energy.
Does only being able to work 4 hours a day at giving something my full energetic capacity, make me less of a person?


According to successful authors, life coaches, and even social science enthusiasts, a 4 hour work day is what our technologically advanced society was capable of in the 1980's.

How about when rent is twice what a single part-time income will pay for, and I have a child who needs their own room?
In other countries parents have more maternity leave, paternity leave, and more assistance when re-entering the work force.
(Don't get me started on family support.)

The Solution To An Unbalanced Equation

Time = money
= Broke
Childless, homeless, and friendless.
Literally, the only asset I have had to share with others has been my knowledge.

I have received input that my experience, and the applicable information I have shared, are appreciated. I had to reread the text messages with the affirmations.



Sick, single, childless, jobless, vehicle-less, homeless, college drop out, blacksheep of families, and no parents to rely on-that, Me?!

Abandoned, socially neglected, anxious, depressed mentally ill, divorced, abused, in debt penniless, Me?!

How could I possibly be valuable, independent of any one career field, educational certification, licensure, or the ability to maintain long-term relationships!?

I struggle with believing that I deserve anything good, and my logical ego would remind me of how I had never been able to create a "stable" life, so "seeking my fortune" through force of willpower and personality was never going to resonate with my purpose during this lifetime.

In order for me to allow myself to receive any benefits from my efforts, they had to be a byproduct of a much larger construct.

I literally boxed up my thoughts regarding all of the other stuff in my life that I could not control, and focused on creating something new. I had to take my individual needs out of the equation, and focus on the needs of many.
I plotted backwards from needs of the vulnerable of society that are not being met, and the solution began to materialize in bits and pieces.
Due to my limitations, I had quite a few factors that I had to include in my self-abnegnating formula...

Our Economic Structure Is A Sick Joke

1.) Rent is stupid.
Mortgages are one of the biggest reason for employment. House values are over 100 times the price of the value of the actual building materials.
People are building non-tiny homes for $15,000...
Trailer parks are not awesome, it's like the condominium lie...
Condominiums are can't actually own part of a building, those are called apartments, duh.
>What humanity needs more than anything is free housing.
"Affordable housing" means different things to different people, but one thing for all, a significant amount of currency, every month of your life until you die.

Why do I have to pay to exist on a planet that I was born on?!
Oh yeah, the government raised land taxes and people had to move to the city back during the Great Depression. But, hey they have supermarkets in cities.

2.) Being hungry sucks.
Food should be free, it grows out of the ground.

3.) Paying for water sucks.
It falls out of the's in saltwater, and streams. Purification is not a complex, expensive thing, and you won't even miss the neurotoxin, chlorine and fluoride flavors.

4.) Water treatment is possible organically, that means without harsh chemicals.
Hydroponics anyone?
Sewage enzymes...
Potable versus non-potable water usage is how it was done before lead poisoned water in Rome.
That's not a suburb of Flint, Michigan, it's in Italy. Do some research on how the Romans were poisoned by their own drinking pipes. They just pled ignorance.

5.) Education on how to be an actual  positive and healthy individual, and how to LIFE, should not be offered only to people court ordered to take classes.
Can we please raise children who do not
have to recover from their childhood?!
>Positive, assertive thinking skills are available through Dialectal Behavioral Therapy groups.
>Nutrition; vegetarian based, cruelty free, and urban gardening classes are just not in every county, or town.
>Parenting classes:
How can you parent another person when you don't know how to self-parent in a responsible, balanced manner?!
Only 1% of parents actually participate in childhood development education.
My solution is 2 fold.

1.) Provide self-sustaining eco-villages that offer free housing, food and education, the Ubuntu way.
2.) Create an organization that meets the monetary needs of those who want to work for others, with others, but as their own self manager.

How You Gonna Make That Money Amy?

Like a Gypsy.

Think about the amazing "Gypsy" caravans that would visit villages before there were automobiles, roads and malls.
When a string of brightly colored wagons would roll into a European village/town, people would gather excitedly to see what treasures were being brought from all over the continent. Many goods for many different types of people.
There was once many nations of indigenous people, over 100,000,000 indigenous people in many different nations that shared the north American continent, in the land which we now live, called the United States of America. These nations would come together and trade, even the ponies they rode on would be let free to roam the local plains until they were needed.
So much abundance in the natural ecosystem, that that the U.S. Army had to slaughter billions of buffalo to starve the natives.
(This happened just over 100 years ago. Watch "Dances With Wolves".)

I want to give people multiple options that provide the most good. That means services that meet actual needs that are ignored, and products that cause no harm in their engineering, or compounds.
100% accountability for only what is environmentally safe, animal safe, and people safe.
Please understand that my grassroots organization structure, and business model are unorthodox. 
There is a reason we like unique websites, pages, and accounts online & in social media. We can take our ideas and positively change our world, our solar system, and maybe even our galaxy.
We will not always be chained to this little blue beauty of a world, you can plan for that.

What's A Self-sustaining Eco-village Gonna Look Like, Amy?

The largest plan fits comfortably within 8 acres, and that includes an acre for parking, and a walking/running track. Additional acreage for farming is possible.
Both dry ground and swamp foundations have been planned for.

A dwelling is a 200 square foot tiny-home.
Materials vary between reclaimed items, hemp products, energy efficient products, etc;
10 gardens, orchard, and vineyard-all hydroponic-like, are ambitiously planned.
An emergency housing lodge that can shelter over 200 people in cold weather, and more in attached pop-out tents space, is planned. Showers, indoor & outdoor toilet facilities, storage and more, are designed.
Several buildings supporting education are planned. A library & media center, animal center, trade shops, restaurant, bakery, and more have been planned...

Self-sustaining eco-villages, built on an old principle, and new technology.

See my article A Crazy Sustainable Solution

Friday, January 22, 2016

Reparation Reasoning for Natives

Facts We Can No Longer Ignore

I think that it is ironic that the US Government could slaughter over 100,000,000 indigenous people at the inception of their New World Order modeled country, and no one talks about reparation for Indigenous People, as a subject of social justice.

I am a descendent of the Algonquin people group and titled Eastern Shawnee of Oklahoma. I am Shawnee.
Before I knew I had native blood running through my veins, I empathized with the horrors of the near genocide of an entire people group, only rivaled in numbers and horrors of the German holocaust. Anyone who was taught American history ought to have enough humanity to feel empathy for the the despicable methods that the US Army used to nearly wipe out an inconvenient population. We have seen the attempts to minimize the inconvenient population of lives that the powers behind our government wanted to eradicate in the explosive case in Flint, Michigan. Having no grocery stores in a 36 mile radius ought to be criminal.

What You Don't Know Can't Hurt The Government

As I am writing this blog as I am currently a homeless veteran.
"What?! How is that even possible?  Amy, you served over 180 days as active duty during the Gulf War and September 11, 2001!"

The US Government decided that the program funding the grant to assist veterans with getting housing, will only be for veterans who completed training-or were Permanent Party.
Did you know that some Air Force jobs require over a year of training, sometimes 2 years?
The same grant that got me into an apartment in September of 2014, is unavailable.
So, as a native person I thought that I could just move to Warm Springs Reservation. Nope. There is a 120 person waiting list.
I went onto Google and found an info graphic that I shared in my instagram account, @amy_joy82 that showed a disparaging amount of assigned native land. I also learned that all of the remaining tribes have been thrown together as one Dependent Domestic Nation.

It's A Hard Nock Life For Us

The US Government clearly defines indigenous native people as dependent, yet my tribe with just over 2,000 living members, only receive $1,500 a year reimbursement for approved bills.
The US Government told the US Army to demolish the "Indian" food supply, and they succeeded. When the natives fought back, negotiations were never raised as an option.
"The only good Injun is a dead Injun!"
"Filthy savage heathens."
"If they had money they would waste it on firewater."
Read your history books, search online, and see that racism caused mass deaths, as opposed to slavery. Keep in mind that US presidents gave the military a wide margin for, "handling the savages" for over 100 years. As the United States of America was being built, several people groups were used as slaves, including the Irish. Native Americans were seen as dirty "red skin", "dogs", and as less than human for over 100 years.

All of the reservation land set aside for the indigenous population will not even fill the state of Texas. Good luck finding a reservation in that state. There are actually several states that do not have any reservations on them.

A Once Free, Self-Sustaining Nation

It has blown my mind for a long time that nothing has been brought to the light of public scrutiny about the 100+ years of oppression that the indigenous people of America, ever. The closest we have gotten as a society is masses calling Columbus Day, Indigenous Peoples Day. Which is a day of awareness that can be celebrated as far as Australia's aboriginal people, or as close as Central and South American tribes.

When the Europeans arrived they saw a land that was unspoiled. When Lewis and Clark made their journey west they never encountered clear cut deserts of tree stumps. The native people knew how to live in harmony with their environment, mother Gaia, and recognized spirituality as an experience that included organic hallucinogens as a way to better understand how we are all one.
Laws were simple; live gently, care for your fellow creatures, express gratitude for everything, take only what you can use, and shame can be a strong deterrent from selfish behavior.

But America Is An In Debt Nation

"But America is trillions of dollars in debt! The new has said so for decades."
That is a lie. The US Government and other world governments are still mining huge amounts of gold and hoarding them in bunkers in the south Pacific and southeast Asia. "Why?!"
After reading the collected translations of the Sumerian cylinders found in the 1970's, the heads of US Military branches were warned of the trajectory of "Nibiru/Nabiru".
The actual 9th planet was kept a secret from the masses, and any collection of data, or visual confirmation was ridiculed.

The Elite of our planet read that the Anu-naki came to Gaia to get gold to repair their atmosphere. So, they decided that the planet's gold ought to be saved for their return, in hopes of earning favor with the giant beings.
There actually is enough gold for every one of the 7,000,000,000 inhabitants of this planet, and then some.
What's the best way to keep people from asking you for money?
To say that you are broke and in debt. Not a very complex ploy.

Thanks to the brave Edward Snowden, and the inadvertent assistance he received that landed him safely in eastern Europe, as well as other whistleblowers described by David Wilcock, Corey Goode, and others-we are having new data available. It just takes some research online, some book reading/listening to, and a very open mind.

The hope of complete disclosure that is happening this year also comes with the unfortunate flood of the absolutely scientifically incorrect "Flat Earth" theory that utilizes the false information given by NASA to discredit modern day scientific facts. Waves or particles...

What Can I Do?

Do not be silent. Networks like Aljazeera and TruTV, and shows like The Daily Show and The Nightly Show expose corruption to the masses, whereas other news channels, networks, and shows are dis-information machines.
Last night I watched a female correspondent for The Nightly Show help enact the incredibly racist town seal of Whitesboro, New York. Literally the mayor and the majority of the town inhabitants stated that the picture of a white settler strangling a native indigenous person on the town seal was history that needed to be preserved. Only after national attention did the seal change.
But we still have the Washington Redskins.

Regardless of the racial stupidity of out of touch old, white men, we need to do something about the homeless native Americans, lack of financial support, and housing assistance. More reasons and motivation for me to launch my self-sustaining eco-friendly villages with free food and housing.
I appreciate feedback, it is how we grow and learn.
Amy Joy,

Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Safe Haven For The Sensitive

A Refuge

As a very sensitive individual, I understand what it is like to live in an environment that is energetically toxic. And as a survivor of childhood abuse, may I extend to you the apology that you may never receive,

"I am so very, very sorry for what you have had to endure. You were never meant to be tormented and belittled, harmed and neglected. The Universe did not design you to be a magnet for negative energy, humans with bad vibrations did that. And I am even more sorry if those humans were/are your family, because I know exactly what that is like."

All I began to want daily when I was 16, was a safe place to live with plenty of food. At 33 I now want the same for the vulnerable of our society. Today I am focusing on the sensitive introvert, or ambivert. An ambivert is someone who has become adapted to an environment that requires they become extroverted, or someone who can "recharge" their energy through both being around people, or being alone. I learned how to get in touch with my inner introverted, barely recognizable, tiny inner voice that was my anchor when I was younger.

I wish to provide a free, safe place to live for free, with plenty of free food. Well, monetarily free, it will cost a resident volunteer time, because giving back is a key principle to spiritual healing, and wholeness.


My intention for the energy of my vision for a sustainable eco-village is that it will be energetically positive and healing, we are talking hippie culture vibes and peaceful.
I have 10 gardens plotted out in the schematics of the building locations and rough measurements, as well as the orchard and vineyard I previously mentioned in my the post preceding this one. I have also been given the idea of not only having seasonal gardens, but having them convert to greenhouses when the weather changes.

Plants require tender, loving care to flourish, so do animals. I have an animal sanctuary planned out with 20 large dog runs, indoor space, living quarters, and more.
Buildings will need proper decorative plant placement, painting, and artistry that encourages unity with the environment.
I am seeking to attract passionate introverts who need somewhere safe to live, to possibility heal, and to live their life's purpose of serving and loving others, and sewing phenomenal karma.

How Do I Become An Ambivert?

Look at it this way, you could gain a super power through intentional imitating.
Quiet, by Susan Cain is a book that my dear friend, Gwen has been reading. Gwen is an INTJ in the Meyers Briggs testing spectrum of 16 universal personality types, I am an INFJ.
Gwen's synopsis of her reading halfway through the book now is,
"So far it seems to be a guide for introverts to get by in today's culture. How and when to imitate extroversion to better yourself."

I had to learn to imitate the hard way, lots off social blunders, being kicked, and screwed overt by supposed friends. Awful memories of thing I thought I deserved to happen to me, of that I just couldn't prices, our had to put up with, used to program how I thought and felt.
I'm so incredibly thankful and grateful for my intellect, my fierce spirit, and for learning how to meditate.

Creating Your Better Future

You notice how I did not say, "Creating A Better Future"? It's because you have to be whole and healthy, and that takes work on the inside to create a strong foundation on which to build your presence of mind, and give to others from a place of having a "full cup".

This process takes owning one's energy, thoughts, and choices. Becoming so genuine and joyful in your wholeness and service to others, that the negative memories are healing, and you become grateful for the ability to understand someone else's trauma.

I have experienced this powerful transformation recently. Heck, I hope for daily transformation! I seek out learning, acknowledge the darkness without agreeing with it, by not assigning emotion to it, and then the correct releasing of low vibrational thoughts and feelings.

Your Invitation

I have a structured business model that is engineered to fund the build of my eco-villages. There are infinite possibilities when you have something as simple as handing out your business card with your website on it, and several economic business solutions and opportunities for the needs that are unmet by our current "Babylonian Magic Money System", and our 40/40 week worker slavery. 40 hours a week, or more, and 40 or more years of your life doing that...

Your life is not meant to be lived as one who is so limited. Just like the prana/orgone/reiki energy that is all around us, we are meant to have energetic freedom to follow our heart's desires, help our fellow sentient and non-sentient, soul or no soul, beings in all multi-verses, in a positive manner with pure intention.

So, I ask you now, is this idea of a safe, sustainable, and nurturing environment sound appealing to you?
Will you help me build this sanctuary?
Think about what you have to offer. Network and see how you can co-create with me.

How Are You Going To Pay For It?

Outside of someone giving me cash from their Oregon Lottery winner, or miracle money, or a few very financially savvy, capable, and wealthy philanthropists donate-I had to make a plan for starting from the socio-economic bottom.

My intention is to set up an independent business owners and co-collaborators to share the knowledge and value o
In my next blog post I am going to be going through some of the actualization of my company's business building plan.
I'll be looking forward to your feedback, questions, and input in the comments.
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Amy Joy, Tiger of Bohemia

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Sending Out An SOS For The Homeless

Inspired Action

We live in a day and age where those who are the vulnerable of our society are are seen as less than human. My experiences have stoked the fire of my compassion.
People who have never faced adversity are in charge of assistance programs that offer very little in the way of providing a long-term solution to for the needy.

This is an upside down paradigm that I intend to counter with implementing unorthodox solutions that benefit the planet, our environment, and care for the vulnerable who don't have the means to care for themselves.


My heart was wrenched when in Portland, Oregon, downtown near the Social Security court office, I saw people sleeping on sidewalks in broad daylight. It was September 9th, and thankfully, not raining.

In Arizona I saw hundreds of homeless, and so many empty lots that go unused. The central shelter in Phoenix is at capacity daily, with the majority of the occupants mentally ill.

In Colorado Springs the homeless camp where they can. There was a man who went to live in their little community in an attempt to foster awareness.

Do we ever see homeless shelters being built? No, we see HUD apartments for low income families. Here, in Warrenton, Oregon, buildings are being erected for businesses-WalMart.

The Challenge

In Olympia, Washington, Flat Rock, North Carolina, and Nashville, Tennessee tiny home villages are being built...and rented. In some cases there are grants that cover residence, but most require someone to have state assistance, social security, or some other form of income.

As someone without any income, waiting for Social Security in appeals court, struggling with health issues, and NOT receiving child support...I cannot pay for somewhere to live.

Someone is intending to give me a 1989 Lindy camper, it is getting work done on it so that it is drivable.

Because of our government we have to pay outrageous prices to have land that doesn't even belong to the federal government. We are not going to get anywhere with that argument, regardless of how we feel.

Challenge Accepted

I am a very solution-oriented individual. While I was bedridden in November I wrote out and drew up plans for a what I consider to be the solution, a sustainable eco-village that provides free food and free housing.
The entire eco-compound fits perfectly on 8 acres of land. 

There is an emergency shelter for over 200 individuals, in the Lodge I've designed. 

There are gardens, an orchard, a vineyard, 80 tiny homes under 200 square feet than can house up to 3 couples, an animal sanctuary that encourages therapeutic interactions, a media center, a gift shop, craft shops with above living quarters, and more.

My intention is to use reclaimed materials to build, such as wooden pallets. I'm in dire need of other brains to help me with locating, possibly purchasing, and transporting such items

Reasonable Accommodations

I am seeing the havoc being wreaked by rising ocean sea levels. There are homes built at the lip of lakes, streams, and rivers. To me it is risky to build a home near a potential natural disaster area.

My idea is to build on pontoon-like apparatuses. Here there is swamp land for sale off of Highway 30. I don't have a vehicle, haven't had one since May of 2015. It would be phenomenal for the Universe to provide a good truck for my cause! Having the ability to go look at property, meet a realtor, etc; requires mobility.

It is a bit frustrating, as you can imagine, to have wonderful ideas, meeting encouraging people who catch my vision, and feeling stuck in my convalescence and indigence.

Common Sense Community

To stay in the eco-village, volunteering is bartered for food and shelter. The staff will have income independent of the compound and volunteer their time. Shifts will be no longer than 4 hours once operational.

A project of this magnitude will require many kind souls working with me, sharing their energy, time, expertise, and hearts with one another.

Grassroots Growth

All that is needed for this vision of free living to become reality is you.
If you feel passionately about helping the vulnerable of society, then please contact me at my email below.

If you intend to relocate to assist in this agricultural and housing build, know that you will have to supply your own housing. I'm talking conversion mini-van/van, trailer, camper, or motorhome. This area has a rental housing shortage, regardless of the new homes being built. There is nothing to rent here, except motel rooms.
If you have something to contribute; skills, education, experience, a great attitude, and you can handle a leadership role, great!

If you do not have any specified skills, but have a heart for people, and can provide your own living quarters, we want you!
We need the agriculturally savvy, electrical engineers, structural engineers, the creative & clever when it comes to unconventional solutions; i.e. people who can build structures.
Gardening, water collection, hydroponics, filtration, sewage management, and more.

I would love  to read your ideas, feedback, and encouragement! Please do comment!
Please do email me at to find out how to donate, I have a different PayPal email for non-profit donations
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Amy Joy, Tiger of Bohemia