Thursday, October 23, 2014

Uh oh...I am going to have to ground myself

I love my friends!

Thank you for sharing yourselves with me!

I saw a post on facebook a couple days ago where my friend Christy put out there all the things that she has to stop doing because her home needed some attention, and as a result she was grounding herself!

I admire that so much!

I have been really focused on being available to people that are desiring to communicate with me. And I have been successful in my estimations-I have had 1 person a day for 4 days in a row interested in working with me. I like steady results.

But my home...yeesh.

It can be difficult to balance my obligations; 
Get myself put together for videos
Keep the kiddo doing intellectually stimulating stuff, clean, and fed
Make food
Take the dog out
Do yoga
Write in my blogs

I see a need to get my daily accomplishments done, and then stop any erroneous stuff. It is just that everything seems to be needing my attention at once.

So, divide and conquer.

I need to get to sleep on time, and then go through a written down schedule in the morning...

"I do nothing before"

I think that is a healthy boundary. I am not ready for the world until I do those 3 things, and the world really does not want me to interact until I am grounded and centered for the me.

Do 1 cleaning project a much as I can.

I still have not conquered my room, but I need to put more stuff in my storage unit until I can deal with it, like a coverlet for my comforter.

Then do what is on my daily work list.
Social media research
Instagram posts
Respond to messages
Make scheduled calls

Ah. I feel better just getting my daily tasks out of my head!

OK...who else is struggling with organizing their lives and sticking with it while working from home and being a parent?

Saturday, October 18, 2014

I Heart Yoga

I absolutely LOVE Yoga. I consider myself a novice. I have 
only been to 1 Yoga class. I only know what I do now from doing Yoga with my best friend and from remembering poses. I really need to get a Yoga pose book...

Today, after my first cup of my blend of bulletproof coffee with ashwagandha tincture, I did my physical therapy/Yoga poses outside on my my awesome slippers. I also wore my Colorado sweatshirt, and knit shorts.
My service animal, who happens to be a 6 pound black Chihuahua named Melina, was helping. She put her front paws on my stomach. So cute...and surprisingly helpful with my grounding efforts.

It was awesome to have my joints pop into place. Just glorious! The clouds overhead were racing by with higher atmospheric winds. I listen to the 528 hz tone often. It is great to take a centering bath to as well.

So, it is officially fall, even though we are having delightfully comfortable weather to me, but definitely raining more often now. I am going to stop least until I have a reason to. I am going to see if not causing my body to process more biotin in unnecessary ways can actually help with my health. I am going to commit to doing Yoga daily. I already walk, but I need to set a regiment for it. I enjoy walking with people more than alone, though. So, often I get dressed and decent looking, and take my kid somewhere between rains.

I challenge you to do yoga and stretching once a day and outside if possible, it is a great experience!

Remember to breathe deep today.

Namaste, Peace Be With You

Amy "Tiger" Smith

Friday, October 17, 2014

I Am Here...Now What?

Ever accomplish an arduous goal and then have the let down after?

That is where I have been.
I came through some pretty big feats;
-letting go of my so called "life" I had been struggling to keep together for waaayyy too long, and dealing with the feelings of shame, being tenacious, and refusing to give up.
-stayed in a shelter in nearly complete and utter lack of control of my life 'shudder', and endured a sort of emotional bootcamp.
-went on a completely uncertain road trip in extreme faith
-actually made it to where I was going
-had to rely on the grace, kindness, mercy, and extreme patience of amazing people for longer than I anticipated
-got a home, got moved in, still working on getting settled in

I did it. 'Deep breath' I am in the small coastal town that makes me so very happy! I love the small town life, the breath taking views, the social economic support, and the kindness around every bend.

Getting me feet under me has been a really trying, although growing, experience. I tried integrating my son into school only to have to bring him home and battle with him to learn, whilst adapting to his much growing, breathing and patience building

And let's not forget that I eventually have to find a way to make an income, without losing my identity, sacrificing energy, and not being there for my son...

As a mom on her own THAT has been my biggest struggle. The feelings that result from the efforts of being a "good, responsible parent" have weighed me down, driven me crazy and caused stress paralysis. But today I beat that!!!

Today I started my day the way that I wanted to, against all the nagging thoughts that were starting to guilt me again;

I got on my fav rust colored cowlneck knit top, snug jeans (they were not called skinny jeans in the '90's when I first wore them), sock and then a second pair of thick knit socks, my beautiful second-hand brown boots and fixed my hair from crazy to cute. I put on my watch, puka shell necklace, and earrings, just for me!
I made my calorie rich coffee and poured hot water over chia seeds for a smoothie for when I got hungry later.
Then I read Rediscovering Catholicism by Matthew Kelly because the words in the book have made an indelible mark on my psyche, and have encouraged me in so many ways!

Then I decided to start this blog. I see it as my daily self-reflection, which is healthy.

In Authentic Purpose,

Amy "Tiger" Smith